Everything started the spring of 1993. Enric was working in his parents’ pastry shop, the well known Pastisseria Rovira at Gelabert street in Barcelona, completely involved in the family business when he suddenly had the need to start his own project.

Enric was very passionate about creative work, innovation, quality and perfection and he found chocolate to be his perfect allied to develop his ideas. He imagined a new way of developing the job his father had taught him and that he had lived since he was a child, but respecting and admiring the most authentic values of the tradition that had partially been lost.

The project was to set up a new workshop to elaborate all kinds of chocolate products, from small chocolates to big pieces for parties, events and presentations in which he was already a specialist.

That spring, together with Francesc Forrellat, his second cousin, they set up Enric Rovira s.l., a new enterprise that was born with the philosophy of elaborating high quality chocolate products, with contemporaneous design and linked to the city of Barcelona, Enric’s hometown.

The workshop was built in Castellbell i el Vilar, in the Can Forrellat warehouse that the family had built 100 years before to house the Destilería San Gerónimo. There they had elaborated all kinds of distillates, among them the emblematic Anís San Gerónimo, in honor of one of the most beautiful peaks of the Montserrat mountain that can be seen from the warehouse.

Work began soon, the acquisition of art machinery and what was more important, the elaboration of the products, the development of the recipes and the creation of the corporate image and the packaging.

So, in September 1993, everything was ready and at the new warehouse of Can Forrellat the chocolate was melted for the first time to give shape to a project that started with the illusion of changing the world of chocolate, with fresh ideas in all the aspects of concept and creation.

The start was marked by a craft character fruit of the knowledge acquired at Enric’s parents’ pastry shop. Fragile and elaborate products, that soon would give way to technically more perfect products and at the same time more creative and universal. The Enric Rovira seal was born.

From the start, the catalogue has included a lively and changing assortment of products capable of evolving with the time, with risky proposals that today are part of the contemporary history of chocolate, as well as other emblematic and popular products that are now an icon of the enterprise.

Products like the Rajola de Barcelona, the Bombolas, the Planetarium, the Making of Chocolate, the Imagine, the Vuelta al mundo en chocolate or the “extinct” Capicúa, Rosa Virtual and the nougats Ácido, Amargo, Dulce and Salado are some of the most renowned. But there are some more.

It is a catalogue that has been completed with the collections that define the character of the products it contains.

The collections: gastronomic, Barcelona, conceptual, artist, essential and perfume, they all express the universe of their author through their chocolates and they contain most of the flavors, formats, concepts and designs that he adores.

Apart from the products in the catalogue, Enric Rovira elaborates a great quantity of customized products for hotels, enterprises and events, with customized design, flavor and concept.

Enric Rovira also elaborates chocolate pieces of big dimensions, up to 6 meters high and 400kg weight, that have been manufactured for institutions like Gran Teatro del Liceo of Barcelona or the European Space Agency, private individuals and restaurants like Ferrán Adrià’s elBulli.

To all this we have to add the Easter products that undoubtedly characterize the style of the enterprise and of its author. Easter eggs of different shapes and colors that have been exposed in different countries and that have been awarded prizes and recognitions.

Today, Enric Rovira is an enterprise with a lot of experience but young at the same time that wants to continue leading the contemporary chocolate world. The enterprise is alive proposing new chocolate ideas year after year. It is composed by a young team that lives to care for each of the chocolates to the last detail so that the consumer can taste and enjoy them in their maximum splendor.

An enterprise that has grown together with the support and demand of its customers that have been able to value and criticize each of the creations helping improve the products day after day.

Today, Enric Rovira distributes its products in chocolate shops and gourmet shops and exports to most of the European countries as well as Japan and the United States. It is a reference in the worldwide contemporary chocolate world.